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XPS 3980

Dell XPS 13

New notebook XPS 13 9380 has been officially released by Dell during January 2020. It is the most powerful XPS notebook in reworked form and design – Dell has improved everything and created a perfect device for work and entertainment.


Concepts UFO, Duet, Ori

During CES (customer electronic showcase) Dell Technologies published their new concepts of the future of personal computing. Glen Robson (Chief of technologies in Dell technologies) has been talking about future innovations in this area for a long time. The main goal its better connection between data and entertainment with the cloud environment.


VMware Cloud foundation on VxRail platform

VxRail is an HCI platform which fasteners the modernization of data centre, transformation of HCI sites and simplifies implementation of hybrid cloud computing.


VMware cloud by Dell EMC

VMware offers completely managed service with never ending stream of data between data centre and the endpoint by combining automatized processes with cloud.


Data Domain

Dell EMC offers new product line for protection of companies’ data – Dell EMC Data Domain Systems. The biggest advantages of the new products compared to the older ones is the full support of Flash technology, better performance and scalability.

Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP)


Dell offers many options for improvement or implementation of cloud infrastructure to company environment. Cloud is a strategical addition for companies’ IT structure.