Dell XPS 13

New notebook XPS 13 9380 has been officially released by Dell during January 2020. It is the most powerful XPS notebook in reworked form and design – Dell has improved everything and created a perfect device for work and entertainment.


The setting of the display has been significantly improved and made more efficient. The result is 13,4-inch screen with Ultra HD 4K resolution, which is capable of creating as much as 8 million screen points. Colours has been improved as well and thanks to contrast ratio of 1500:1 every detail is easily spottable even in a bright environment. Antireflexive screen with IPS panel allows good quality viewer experience from any angle and in any environment. This attribute allows enrolling revolutionary technology from Dell – Dell Cinema. Dell cinema consists of CinemaColor which creates almost live-like representation of reality, CinemaStream allows video and music to use the maximal usage of wireless connection and Cinema sound increases volume and cleans every tone for the perfect listening experience.


Thanks to Intel QuadCore 8th generation processors the 9380 has much higher performance rating than its predecessors. Dell power manager allows the user to control the speed of ventilators and the overall performance of the device. Big advantage is the support of 2TB SSD disc and 16GB RAM. The robust performance is further supported by outstanding battery life reaching impressive 21 hours. 


XPS 13 is made from one block of carbon providing significant boost to its durability and decrease in weight to 1,2 kilograms. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is two times more durable than other screens available on the market. The overall goal of the design is to keep it as simple as possible while maintaining the elegance and effectivity of Dells notebooks. The camera is once again placed on the top of the display and the device supports revolutionary technology GORE – a heat isolation technique which directs the heat out of the device and allows notebook to be even more compact without any overheating. 

Other quality of life additions are a fingerprint reader, activation by voice, outstanding connectivity, highly effective docking offerings done by Dell thunderbolt and supreme connectivity to mobile devices. XPS 13 is available from the beginning of 2020.