Ideal hardware for long distance work

Remote connection is the leading phenomenon of the current era. High bit rate of sites, virtualized working environment, fast sharing of information’s and flawless security are necessary for correct function of your working environment. Ideal hardware does not only meet those requirements but helps you with their upgrading and comfortable usage.

It is not easy to find the perfect computing solution for your company and workers. Every costumer has different needs and expectations and the choosing itself must be very well thought through as hardware should meet all your needs. We believe that it is possible to choose the correct option for everyone from the broad portfolio of Dell´s products.

Before buying it is most crucial to decide following things: Why do I need new computers and what type of job do I need them for? Second is the question of mobility – some devices are best suited to be used on a move and with a proper monitor while in office on the other hand base computers offer zero mobility but particularly good performance for an affordable price. We must not forget about design of a device as that can influence how successful you or your employees are during presentations and meetings. In the following article we will put some light on the Dell´s portfolio from the point of view of the primal usage of notebooks and computers product lines. Most of them are of course usable for everything from work to entertainment. The main criteria are performance, price, mobility and design.

Generally, we can divide Dell´s portfolio to devices with primal usage at work or at home. The primal question is always the difficult decision between notebook and base computer. Base computer will always have better future upgrade options and better performance for lower price than notebook with the same features. On the other hand nowadays notebooks offer surprisingly good performance and unlimited mobility, which is supported by amazing battery life which can last for more than a day in some cases and when the notebook is paired with correct accessories it can easily become an ideal working or entertainment machine. 

Latitude represents three product lines of the best for work suited notebooks on the market while still being affordable and good looking. These solutions clearly represent our and Dell´s philosophy about creating a perfect workplace and workflow. Key words for such a place are effectivity, performance, design, mobility and affordable price- Latitude lines 5000 and 7000 contain some of the best purchasable working devices. Other lines of work biased notebooks are Vostro and XPS which offer elegant and powerful devices with unmatched mobility and limitless possibilities of connection to external devices, which makes them ideal for on-the-go professionals, who have to attend presentations and meetings often in different buildings and companies.

The absolute best notebooks from Dell are sorted into three product lines under the family name Precision. Those can easily handle the most demanding applications which are used by creative professionals such as programmers, graphical designers, architects and by many others. The price for these devices is matching their incredible power. I would also like to mention Rugged product line, which contains the most durable and outlasting notebooks commercially available. These can work in harsh conditions such as extreme humidity, hot or cold or in dusty environments. 

OptiPlex base computers represent the all-time favourite classical computers from Dell. Again, divided into three lines according to performance and price are offered in various chassis sizes from classical big computer to micro form factor which is so small that you can almost forget that you have it. The best in breed work biased base computers are offered in Precision product lines. Those will support the most demanding applications that exist and come with the support of virtual reality. The price is quite different according to the features of each device. 

Ideal hardware solution for remote work or for home-based workplace must be able to handle demanding workloads, must be under flawless protection and must have simple, elegant but powerful and reliable connection to the firm´s internal site or cloud storage. The importance of working on the move or from home has been clearly proven by the latest events in the world. 

In M Solutions SE we will happily help you with choosing the best solution for you, your employees, customers or company to make your everyday work simpler, more effective and enjoyable.