Dell Data Protection

The most important possession of every company are data, especially data of its users. If there is a breach in the security, it can bring fatal consequences to the company. Typical examples are criminal attacks towards hospitals, insurance companies and banks.

This problem of course concerns smaller companies and solo users of Dell devices as well. Therefore, our company takes this problem seriously and we will try out best to help you with your security concerns.

Dell Data Protection / Encryption

Simple, flexible, effective and complex way of protecting your data whenever they are currently located – on your device, external device or public cloud. The system is based upon flexible encrypting of data. It implements Microsoft BitLocker with complex encryption of discs with complete support of the highest protection offering for system discs FIPS 140-2. Further advantages of this system are total compliance with legislative laws, easy implementation and central control panel which allows for encrypting in the work process without negatively impacting the speed and user comfort. 

DDP / Enterprise edition

Protection for system discs and external media with exceptional support for central control of your IT infrastructure. 

DDP / hardware Crypto Accelerator 

Optional part of system exclusively for Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision systems. It comes with the military standard for security needs and with exceptional protection against attacks. Hardware Crypto Accelerator will protect all your end points while being easy to implement and to control. It is the best possible protection for your infrastructure thanks to supporting certification FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 level 3,

DDP / Cloud edition

Application protecting your data while transferring them between your device and public cloud offering (Box, Dropbox..). the users will not notice any changes in the speed of the transfer and in their usual work process. This offering works terrifically with Mobile Edition. 

DDP / Mobile Edition

Solution for protecting all mobile devices which connect into your infrastructure. This part is crucial as mobile phones tends to be the most vulnerable. The system works with operational systems Android and iOS. Central control allows you to flexibly change users’ rights and limitations and to delete for example lost mobile device from the system in seconds. 

DDP / Bitlocker

This solution enriches Microsoft BitLocker with central control and annual reporting. 

DDP / External media Edition

External media Edition helps with the protection of your remote devices and ports. The encryption itself does not need any special formatting therefore nothing changes for the user. The flexible control allows you to combine personal data with protected information. This solution is automatically included in Personal edition or can be optionally added for organizations which are already using encryption for their data. 

DDP / Personal Edition

Personal Edition is ideal for smaller businesses or individuals by offering simple and effective protection of your discs and external media while being easy to control and deploy. 

The protection of your Data is our absolute priority. Dell offers endless options of protection. In the next article we will focus on authentication in DDP and on prevention against malware. 

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