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OptiPlex 7080 Micro

Compact design and high performance of OptiPlex 7080 Micro makes it an ideal working device.


PowerMax storage

PowerMax series has entered market relatively long time ago, but since its publishment has undergone numerous crucial improvements and nowadays represents one of the best commercially available solutions for the modern data centre architecture.

Dell Technologies PowerMax

Family Dell PowerMax – product introduction

In the previous articles we have introduced PowerMax series as the most modern and incredibly effective data storage.


Vulnerabilities of home office

Badly secured devices which are often used on home office are one of the biggest risks that companies face. What are the ways in which we can protect our data during the workload?


Zero trust policy during distant work

Zero trust is a way of securing your company site, which minimalizes security risk by setting strict and strong rules for the access to the site, infrastructure and communication of workers. It represents one of the best tools of protecting organizations in which employees are working from home or on the way.


Ten reason why customers choose PowerMax

PowerMax products are very popular with customers and have a great reputation. Today we will talk about the reasons why this is so.


Peripherals and productivity

The overall usage of remote working environment is on a rapid raise. This is one of the reasons why Dell has conducted a research to show the relationship between productivity and peripherals during work. The results have proven that productivity raises with bigger working space.


Future trends in networking

Many organizations face the challenge of creating the most fitting solution for their highly scalable and flexible infrastructure, which would be the most suitable for their needs and the distance working environment but also safe, secure and easy to maintain.


Digital workspace, usage and efficiency

The social trend of working from home or in remote office with usage of various tools becomes more and more common. No wonder, our notion of work and the way we do it has changed as well.


The importance of proactive approach towards cybernetic security

Cybernetic safety is one of the biggest challenges which companies must face. The size does not matter as hackers can target anyone.