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Peripherals and productivity

The overall usage of remote working environment is on a rapid raise. This is one of the reasons why Dell has conducted a research to show the relationship between productivity and peripherals during work. The results have proven that productivity raises with bigger working space.


Future trends in networking

Many organizations face the challenge of creating the most fitting solution for their highly scalable and flexible infrastructure, which would be the most suitable for their needs and the distance working environment but also safe, secure and easy to maintain.


Digital workspace, usage and efficiency

The social trend of working from home or in remote office with usage of various tools becomes more and more common. No wonder, our notion of work and the way we do it has changed as well.


The importance of proactive approach towards cybernetic security

Cybernetic safety is one of the biggest challenges which companies must face. The size does not matter as hackers can target anyone.


What is the defence against the most common attacks which are coming in the end of 2020?

Situation in cybernetic security is rapidly changing on daily basis. For non-professionals it is almost impossible to stay in touch with the most recent security trends and challenges/dangers.

Dell precision desktop

The advantages of professional Workstation

Professional Workstation represents the best commercially available devices on the market. We are talking about computers and notebooks, which stand of the top in performance, design and user´s comfort. The best in breed solutions are being developed and deployed by Dell as Dell Precision for at least last decade.


Specifications of cloud/on-premise security

Specifications of cloud/on-premise security
Cloud solutions are the one of the top storage possibilities however many companies prefer their own storage solutions so called on-premise for storing their data. One of many reasons for this is different technology in securing the storage. What are the benefits and differences between cloud and on-premise?


The essential features of professional notebooks

We expect more and more from portable devices. We want exceptional performance, amazing design and unmatched user comfort. The popularity of those raises accordingly to their rapid development.


The cost of hacker´s attack

Cybersecurity and its trends are in rapid development. Sadly, the statistics and data about cyber-attacks and their impact becomes stronger and more impactful as well. Let us discuss some examples.


Project tools for smaller companies

Effective project leading in smaller company environment has its own specifics. We can say that it mainly tries to finish projects set by a small creative team while keeping in mind the planned budget.