Warranty and support options from Dell

How to proceed if your device breaks down? How to solve problems quickly and effectively? How to restore normal function of your device? These and many other questions are answered by huge variety of dell warranty support solutions. One of the biggest strengths of any company is the ability to resolve problems which can be caused by internal or external malformations (device fault, users’ fault or virus). In short Dell offers four main options of support: Base warranty, Pro support, Pro support plus and accidental damage service. The price and support coverage depend on the device we are applying it on – from notebooks to servers.

Base Warranty

The basic warranty included in every purchase from dell. It offers support for breakdowns of hardware. The customer must ship the device to dell – Dell will cover the expenses. 

Pro Support

The second level of support from Dell. Pro support is deployed in a form of subscription, which offers crucial benefits to the user. The biggest advantage is rapid solution of problems and proactive dealing with repairs. Dell will contact you and deal with the issue on your device without including you in the repair process. This solution does not include accidental damage protection, but it includes not only the support for hardware but also software from dell. 

Pro Support Plus

The best support subscription purchasable from Dell. It includes all the advantages of Pro support but also nonstop support, accidental damage protection, immediate repair or device exchange. With this payment method you will not end up stuck in an unproductive situation. Incredible advantage is also complete automatization of repair process, annual reports about the performance of your devices and dedicated technology support from Dell. The goal of this solution is to help you to stay effective and productive all the time in order to save your time and money. Pro support plus is 91% faster than services offered by competition. The result is 72% lesser influence of problems on your normal function thanks to immediate diagnostics and support availability 24/7.

Dell Accidental Damage

One of smaller support solutions from Dell. Offering protection against unexpected situations. This includes spills and falls, differences in electric power and even display break protection. However, fires, intentional damage or theft are not included. This service is automatically part of Pro support Plus.

Dell offers wide variety of support for your expensive devices. In general, it is better to spend few extra bucks before the problem happens rather than huge amount of money after it happened. There is nothing worse than losing your expensive device due to bad luck or accident. The length of support is also variable, so you have the option to test it out and see which one is the best for you and your company. If you buy computer for your household basic warranty is probably going to be enough but for company usage it is always better to be prepared. A little extra investment can save you a lot of money if the problem arises. Especially pro support plus not only solves problem, but the solution is also proactively trying to prevent one from happening! Dell support solutions protects you, your device and your customers data! 

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Source: Dell Technologies, Dell support