Dell Data Domain

The protection of data is as important as ever. The classic workplace environment is rapidly changing into more open style of work. Workers need to be able to access your secret data from everywhere and from any mobile device.

This situation brings many benefits (effectiveness of work increase, availability of your employees, easier sharing of data…) but also some negative effect especially in security of your network and data. Answer to this challenge is system Dell Data Domain, which is number one in the area of security for last 12 years and is in continuous development and its up to date all the time.

Dell data domain is complex, flexible and incredibly scalable system, which combines advantages of using storage, protection and data recovery into one solution. The solution is suited for all your currently used hardware and software. Thanks to broad portfolio Data Domain is suitable and affordable for any company size. The absence of good security is like owning an expensive car without any insurance. In the case of an accident the cost of repair tends to be much higher than the cost of annual security measurements. For example, if important data of your customers are breached your entire company can go bankrupt. Dell is developing Data Domain while keeping many things in mind – security, high performance and effectivity of the system but also easy deployment and comfortable usage. The main goals of data domain is to prevent data loss, secure your network, easy accessibility of your data even from your remote device, easy and fast movement of data through your discs, rapid data recovery, data management, support of third party applications and full supportability of cloud environment. 

Data deduplication

Dell invented revolutionary way of dealing with huge amounts of data. Most of the competitors still use post data duplication processing (data come to the storage and are stored without any deeper process). However, dell uses In line processing (data are meaningfully sorted, and only unique data are saved in the storage) this not only saves space on the storage but also makes the dealing with data easier and much faster. In addition to this method dell is also using variable deduplication of data which actively sorts data into groups according to their internal structure and only saves unique groups which results in 55x better reduction in the data size than in any other similar solution. The actual content of data is of course never changed and is always available in its original state. 

Flash technology

System Data Domain fully supports flash achieving incredible speed, scalability and instant access to data, backup and recovery even during workload peaks. 

Processing of data

Data Domain is always proactively checking the data which are saved to the storage, searches for potential mistakes and automatically corrects them = this principle is called invulnerable data, which is followed by flawless backup so the data stay healthy and correct. The result of this action is fast accessibility and recovery of data.

Data domain system portfolio

Storage data domain is being offered in many shapes and forms in order to satisfy customers individual needs. The actual size or the number of employees does not matter for this system to be effectively used. Almost all advantages of the system are included in all sizes of the system so the main differences between them are the actual performance and capacity of data which the system can comprehend. For smaller companies, the DD3300 is the perfect solution, for big companies the DD9800 is the best of breed solution for their security and storage needs.

Data domain comes in many possible realization forms – best of breed package is ideal for small and big companies, integrated data protection appliance includes all application in Dell data protection suite, data domain for converged infrastructure, dell data domain virtual edition for cloud and software defined environment and is also sold as standalone service. 

System is most suitable for all branches in which the data can be deduplicated – healthcare, government, financial and insurance services, factories… 

Software for Dell Data Domain

Dell offers huge portfolio of addons further increasing the unmatched power of Data Domain.

Data protection suite – set of applications enhancing the possibilities of data security even further. Together they supress the competition twice. The example of such application are services offered by Dell Data protection. 

Data Domain Boost – software enabling ideal cooperation between the storage and third-party applications such as quest and veritas. The biggest advantages of using the boost are better management of data, 50 % faster backup, better performance and functionality of your current apps. 

Data domain replicator – addon which further improves replication and copying of data and in case of an accident speeds up the process of recovery, therefore saving you the time needed to get back to your normal working process.

Cloud Tier – addon which automatically manages the data, which are send to the cloud. The advantage of it is saving the space available on the cloud by saving only unique data. System is fully supported by leading cloud providers such as Dell Emc Elastic Cloud Storage, CEPH, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft azure...

Cloud disaster recovery – application which allows you to test your security against potential security breach. In addition, it is vital in preventing the breach from happening and if the breach happens it is the key in minimizing the potential loss of data. 

Future proof storage loyalty programme – Guarantee of long-term functionality and satisfaction with Dell Storage

Guarantee is automatically part of any Storage solution offered by Dell EMC. In the case of Data Domain offers four key advantages compared to any solution offer by competition. If you chose to buy data domain you get satisfaction guarantee for three years, future proof cost of support and addons for your device, protection of hardware investment and guarantee of speed and security of data. 

Satisfied user of Data Domain is for example University Hospitals Elytia Medical centre – before adding Data domain the enormous amount of data was slowing down the health care, but thanks to data domain the time which is needed to implement changes to the server was lowered from two weeks to nine minutes, the capacity of storages was improved by 35% and the backup was made 75% faster and the overall investment into IT structure has been made more effective by adding data pro suite as well. 

In this article I have tried to put some light on Data Domain its function and usage. Data Domain is best of breed commercially available storage system from well esteemed company Dell EMC, which puts so much trust into their systems that they can afford to extend the guarantee of satisfaction from thirty days to three years, which no other IT company is able to offer. The biggest advantage of data domain is the possible suitability for any customers needs especially in areas where a lot of data is being processed. The solution offers fast, effective and secure way of storing and accessing data. 

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