VMware Cloud foundation on VxRail platform

VxRail is an HCI platform which fasteners the modernization of data centre, transformation of HCI sites and simplifies implementation of hybrid cloud computing.

VxRail is an HCI platform which fasteners the modernization of data centre, transformation of HCI sites and simplifies implementation of hybrid cloud computing. Technology of the new generation from Dell EMC uses server platform PowerEdge to its best advantage. VxRail is the future of IT infrastructure with support for NVMe discs, SmartFabric service (with Dell EMC PowerSwitch), integration of VMware and cloud environment with simple implementation and exceptional security measurements. 

Dell technologies offers a complete product integrating hyper converged infrastructure with cloud software VMware to create a full automatized, local based hybrid cloud, which allows a significant improvement in the security and effectivity of IT. 

VxRail closely developed alongside VMware, uses software VxRail HCI for automatization, deployment and maintenance during the whole life cycle, which makes the flow of data faster in the data centre or on the cloud. VxRail significantly simplifies IT operations, by including the services of SmartFabric adding further simplification to the entire product while still maintaining only one point of support for both hardware and software. VxRail, SmarfFabric and switches from Dell EMC Networking create the first HCI product, which allows fully automatized management of network, configuration, cluster development and everyday maintenance. 

Simple installation

The installation does not require a deep knowledge of hyperconverged systems. The first step of the installation process is to fill in some basic names and IP addresses. The most important thing is to connect nods from VxRail to ethernet ports to your new or already owned switches, turning on the installation guide and following the steps to complete the process. 

Backup is included

Dell EMC Vxrail has licences for backup and replication RecoverPoint for VMs. Product is integrated and managed via VMware vCenter, so you can govern which virtualized servers replicate locally or remotely so if the need arises you can activate DR scenario for renewal of either part or the entire server. Users oversee the replications. Every Vxrail comes with 15 licences for virtualized servers, but you can always purchase more. 

Integration of VMware

VxRail uses VMware vSan and VMware Cloud Foundation, allowing your private cloud to function in a hybrid scenario with complete automatization, simplifying the process of switching virtualized servers between hybrid and private cloud environment. This product also gives a security tool so you can eliminate or significantly lower the financial impact of malevolent incidents towards your IT infrastructure. This all also applies to VDI. 

Results of using this technology:

  • 56 % faster IT services. 
  • 489 % return of investment in the course of 5 years. 
  • 60 % more effectiveness of IT.