Ten reason why customers choose PowerMax

PowerMax products are very popular with customers and have a great reputation. Today we will talk about the reasons why this is so.

PowerMax is built on a modern infrastructure

Products are created to be easily manageable, upgradable and easily controllable. They include modern technological trends such as flash, NVMe and SCM to increase the overall productivity and performance.

Intelligent software PowerMax OS is a vital part of PowerMax systems

PowerMax OS is an automatized self-sustaining system with integrated machine learning which can create analysis which can predict future problems which might appear. Thanks to this technology the best configurations can analyse more than 425 billion of data in a real time.

Unmatched performance

PowerMax is incredibly fast. It can reach over 15 million of IOPS and 350GB per second with the support of reading data under 100 microseconds to satisfy all your needs in the fields of OLTP, fast decision making, analysing a real time and in virtualized applications. PowerMax guarantees reliable performance with the lowest possible latency levels.

Optimized storage effectivity

Dell guarantees data deduplication in the 3.5:1 ration. Deduplication and compression of data has no real impact on the workload and effectiveness of the storage. Its also possible to turn it of if needed either manually or by giving the right to do so to the application which require this setting for their best function according to current workload needs.

Critical availability and mission critical settings

In the area of workload availability, the PowerMax has no match. Data replication uses SRDF/Metro Smart DR technologies. Actualizations and software improvements can be applied on the go without the need of shutdown of your data centre. The devices is also very well protected against failure thanks to modern and resilient architecture. Thanks to these advantages PowerMax offers up to 99,9999% availability of the system. The required shutdown is estimated around 30 seconds per year.

Incredible security for your sensitive data

PowerMax keeps you and your data safe thanks to the broad and effective data encryption. Data travel from the source to every PowerMax disc. The device is still capable of reaching incredible 3,5:1 data reduction. Furthermore, the management and accessibility to the storage is under strict security rules. For example, you can setup different authorization levels for accessing the data on storage. One of the best features is end-to-end snapshotting of your data and protection against attacks thanks to the usage of SnapVX technology.

VMware is fully integrated into the device

PowerMax fully support MVMe vSphere, VAAi (the core of Vmware API), puts an ease on workload which is happening of the storage and further improves the performance of vSphere cluster unit. Thanks to supporting technologies such as VMware Virtual volumes (vVols) 2.0, VASA V3.0 and renw site system (SRM 8.3) is the management of the storage highly simplified. These systems also allow scalability of these systems up to 64 000 vVols!

Massive scalability and consolidation

PowerMax can be scaled up to 4.5 PB of effective capacity to consolidate blocks, data, open system, main array and IBM into one disc array. This allows for the save in the overall expenses which you must put into the maintenance of data centra – such a save in space needs, electricity expenses, cooling and human resources. Truly robust scalability option guarantees you almost unlimited growth possibilities even in cases of rapid and unexpected company expansion.

Reality proven data services

If you decide to include PowerMax into your data centre, you will not only receive the best storage for your data but also many other advantages. The solution allows you to use trustworthy data services such as SnapVX snapshots, SRDF active data replication for modern data centres, on-the-go data encryption and cloud mobility for Dell EMC PowerMax (allows easy access and transfer of data snipes between the storage and cloud). All PowerMax solutions come with of the two possible software packages – Essential package offers you local data replication, data transferring tools (NDM), data compression and deduplication and Cloud Mobility. The second professional package further includes distant data replication, better renewal from failure, improved data replication, advanced SRM technolofy and AppSync iCDM. On top of the services, you can also opt for technologies such as recoverPoint and PowerProtect for the improved data protection.

Dell EMC Future-proof programe

By purchasing Dell PowerMax, you are automatically included into Dell EMC Future-Proof Program for 3 years! This guarantees your satisfaction of happiness with the new product, 3,5:1 data reduction, carefree transfer of data files, investment protection into hardware and other major advantages. This program has no match inside of the current IT market and fully proves reliability and trustworthiness of Dell PowerMax products.