OptiPlex 7080 Micro

Compact design and high performance of OptiPlex 7080 Micro makes it an ideal working device.

Thanks to its size the computer is usable in any working environment and due to the integration of the latest technologies from Dell and Itel it offers unpreceded performance and reliability in full workflow.

The undisputed advantage of 7080 is its size Micro Form Factor. Computer can be easily mounted anywhere for example under your desk and together with docking solution from Dell can be connected to all other devices and internet just by one cable. This solution will create an ideal, beautiful and efficient workplace. Smaller models of Pc´s are rapidly becoming the number one on the market together with light notebooks. It is no longer true that you need a big and heavy pc to achieve the best result. Technologies are rapidly developing not only in the area of performance but also in compactivity and in overall better design of devices with the goal of improving user´s comfort and productivity. Computer also contains revolutionary cooling technology and support easy maintenance.

The most important stat of a computer is of course its performance. Dell has managed to put incredible power into such a small device to support you on your everyday workload. The computer uses new tool from Dell Optimizer Express Response – system which uses AI to make it capable of never ending machine learning and to being accustomed to your way of working. The device is therefore able to optimize up to five of your most used application to give you the best comfort, efficiency and reliability which you expect from a modern device.

The computer is equipped with the newest Intel processors – Intel i9 10 generation with 10 cores, 64 GB RAM DDR4 memory with 2 933 MHz frequency and with up to 65W power. These and other technological systems ensure the best possible performance and reliability inside company and cost efficient solution.

The best quality of display is ensured by standalone AMD graphical card offering up to 4K resolution and 3D imagining. Attributes absolutely vital for prolonged computer work.

The intel Optane memory or the optional two SSD M.2 discs ensure rapid start and almost immediate access to your data. The technology Intel Unit is focused on making your online communication easy and fluent and the device also support revolutionary system Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

OptiPlex 7080 in numbers:

  • Weight: 1.3 Kg
  • Height: 183 mm
  • Width: 36 mm
  • Depth: 178 mm
  • Operational system: Windows 10 home/pro
  • Processor: From Intel Core i3-10100T up to i9-10900
  • Memory: 4GB, 1 x 4 Gb up to 64GB, 2x 32 GB, DDR4
  • Hard disc: : 2.5´, 500 GB hard disc SATA, 5 400 ot./min up to 1TB self inscribing SSD disk M.2 2280 Opal 3. generation PCLe x4 NVMe, class 40

OptiPlex 7080 Micro is amazing, efficient, highly customable and scalable work computer which will surprise you with a variety of functions which will make your workflow much more simple and enjoyable.