The importance of proactive approach towards cybernetic security

Cybernetic safety is one of the biggest challenges which companies must face. The size does not matter as hackers can target anyone.

Hackers are becoming more skilled, sophisticated and they possess the ability to use anything in their attacks. Ranging from phasing to social engineering their attacks have high amount of automatization but at the same time we must not forget about common attacks which are not very clever. 

The passive protection is a vital part of every online security, includes firewall, anti-malware and antivirus protection and detects attempts of breaching. That is however not enough. The passive structure must be enhanced by active approach which predicts more complicated attacks.

Active approach enhances the usual protection. Its core is a group of professional security analytics, who offer extra layer of defence, react to alerts and analyse threats. They also collect information’s on the go and prevent future attacks thanks to their experience with real time threats and external and internal company environment. 

To follow this approach is exceedingly difficult for most companies and the investment needed to create such a team can be substantial. Furthermore, according to our experience even well-functioning company security team can fail to detect some problems which would be spotted by an external professional. 

Active protection allows you to react before the problem begins

Active approach allows you the detect problems and threats even those which are hidden and not possible to be spotted by classical protection means. Active approach makes the elimination, analyzation, reaction easier and by this protects your data, money and other resources. It also helps in a case that attacks goes through your security by making the situation for the attacker more difficult and raises the chance of them making mistakes, which help in resolving the attack without losing data or money. 

Activity helps you to find and solve vulnerabilities in your security

One of the tools which are used in active protection is so called penetration testing. During the test workers can find imperfections in your company site and correct them before the attackers can find them and use them as an access point into your company system. They are also able to make your network more efficient which saves you money in a long run. 

Collecting valuable data to prevent risks in the future

Knowledge is power and data from successfully prevented attacks are the most valuable source for protecting you and your clients in the future. It allows you to get some information’s about the attacker and gives you the power to use adequate means of defence against such attacks.

Active defence makes your more flexible and reactive

Active defence will not replace your classical protection but will enhance them. Thanks to never ending analysing and control empowers your initiative and makes your decisions easier and faster thanks to experts which may advise you when you need them the most. It also helps you with future innovation and adaptation to the most current threats and technologies.