Family Dell PowerMax – product introduction

In the previous articles we have introduced PowerMax series as the most modern and incredibly effective data storage.

The PowerMax portfolio includes two products – PowerMax 2000 and PowerMax 8000. Both products precisely represent everything that we expect from a modern storage solution.

Dell EMC PowerMax 2000

Revolutionary storage which requires incredibly small space for its effective function, offers incredibly speeds thanks to NVMe and SCM and comes with rich supply of additive services in the field of data management. This storage offers never ending support for your applications, consolidates blocks of data, manages open systems, IBM and other essential processes.

PowerMax modern infrastructure guarantees future upgradability of your storage from the starting capacity of 13TB up to 1.2 PBe in 13TB clusters. Therefore, it is always on the same level as your company and keeps up with your growth.

The storage is a perfect fit for mid-sized companies which need the perfect data transfer and consolidation, and it is an amazing entry point into the PowerMax family.

Dell EMC PowerMax 8000

Latest and most demanding applications are putting more and more pressure on the classical all-flash storage, Dell comes with a revolutionary solution by introducing Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 with future proof guarantee of ongoing development and scalability thanks to incredible flexibility of the new storage. Due to perfect integration of NVMe and SCM into its structure the storage provides unmatched performance and support for the most demanding and critical workloads.

The system has moved the line on the storage market due to the revolutionary levels of performance and effectivity. At the same time the solution meets the highest standards in security, data protection, availability, scalability and is truly massive data consolidation.

PowerMax 8000 is best suited for big-sized companies which demand the highest levels of data consolidation, performance, security and support for the most demanding applications.  

Both products in the family are delivered with one of two possible software packages. Essential and Pro software package. Furthermore, PowerMax is included in the amazing Dell EMC Future-proof Program (Guarantee of future happiness and satisfaction), which guarantees future upgradability and scalability according to the latest technology trends and inventions.

In the series of PowerMax articles we have discussed the main points about PowerMax from Dell EMC. Dell guarantees future scalability, adaptability and flexibility in the Future-proof program and never-ending improvements of hardware and software. To conclude, PowerMax is not only the best performing storage on the market but also offers one of the kind qualities of life and user’s comfort. It is a vital part of every modern data centre, with the goal of simplifying your everyday workload. This system also saves you money by simplifying the everyday cost of management of your data centre by saving space and human resources needed to maintain its function thanks to integrated automatization and machine learning.

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