The essential features of professional notebooks

We expect more and more from portable devices. We want exceptional performance, amazing design and unmatched user comfort. The popularity of those raises accordingly to their rapid development.

One of their key advantages is the possibility to easily switch to home office, that is almost impossible or incredibly challenging with classical desktops. 

Nowadays the crisis is making this possibility even more essential than before. It is therefore only fitting to describe attributes which every professional notebook should have in order to suit your needs. Time proven company in the field of portable devices is Dell and they offer wide range of products so we can help you find the most fitting solution for you and your company.


The first thing which usually comes in mind when selecting notebook is without any doubt its performance. This category is no doubt the most important one, however its necessary to make a well thought decision about what for are you buying the notebook. For common office tasks and online communication notebooks from the line Dell Latitude 3000 may be sufficient (for a great price), on the other hand graphic designers and creative professionals should consider investing into the best possible notebooks from the Dell Precision line. For professionals who need amazingly looking and visually appealing device we can choose from Latitude 7000 and for those who need the middle ground the most common and user´s favourite is the Latitude 5000 product line which offers both design and performance in a healthy and balanced way. 


Often underestimated attribute are the looks of your devices. While presenting a topic during a meeting the product line 7000 is the best fit thanks to its unmatched viewing points and ways in which you can ´´bend´´ the device (tent or tablet forms…). Professional notebook should be designed for its main usage, so it not only delivers the performance but also gives you a good presentation of your company. 

User´s comfort

This category is the key one. Your employees are going to spend many hours working with their device. Its necessary to provide them with an efficient and comfortable workspace. The notebooks should be accompanied with accessories such as monitors, keyboard and mouse, chair and table so we can prevent future ergonomic problems and make our work more efficient and with better results. 

Unmatched connectivity

One of the key features of any professional notebook is the possibility on non-issue connectivity to external devices (projectors, touch boards, docks, monitors) which are normally present in meeting rooms to help you with presenting your product. 

Microphone and webcam

Microphone and webcam are one of the most important additions in the device as there is nothing more annoying than a bad sound and video during an important business meeting. 

Durability and guarantee

We also must think about the working environment in which the notebook is going to be used. In harsh working environments (extreme temperatures or dusty workplace) the best fit is the product line Dell Rugged which is designed to endure such a workplace. 

To a professional device the no brainer feature is a good guarantee, which is going to allow you almost immediate return to your work in the case of a hardware or software failure – the example is Dell support Plus with additive protection against unwanted accidents  (spills or fails) and Dell also gives you the opportunity of immediate Exchange of the broken device and 24/7 support in the case of any problems.