Project tools for smaller companies

Effective project leading in smaller company environment has its own specifics. We can say that it mainly tries to finish projects set by a small creative team while keeping in mind the planned budget.

The smaller group the more flexible tools and strategy are needed to work efficiently as its necessary to react quickly and accordingly to any situation which concerns team members. The work itself is much more connected and members are dependent on each other to finish the work on time. If one member cannot finish on time everyone else is stagnating. The ability to flexibly change the setting of a project is therefore vital and can save a lot of money, time and resources and is necessary if projects are to be finished on time and without problems or delay against the plan.

In smaller company its necessary to innovate and keep in touch with the latest IT trends. Big companies often use their own tools, applications and platforms suitable for different types of workload and they have the possibility to enhance them even further by additional tools which do not have to be extensively effective as long as they do their work in connection to other tools. The perfect example is that some internal communication in big companies is solved simply via e-mail. However, in smaller team the task must be solved flexibly and immediately especially if there is some urgent problem. Exceptionally good communication, planning and cooperation are essential. With all this a good supporting tool might be especially helpful. 

Work according to the plan

Good management tool will ensure that tasks are completed according to the deadline and no one forgets anything. There are many ways of work visualization and every software tools has its own way. 

Czech platform Freelo functions based on lists, where every line tag sone aspect of project which is to be solved. Under every line are subgoals which every worker must solve. 

On the other hand, platform Monday relies on clear overlook and every task is displayed together with different colours. One tag is a one project. Setting is done through drag and drop method, the only thing you must do is to select a unique icon for every worker and drag it to the project.

In the west the favourite tool Trello has completely different approach. It works on basis of notes if fact blocks of notes. These notes represent tasks and are lined beneath each other according to the order in which the project is handled. Its playful and clear style of project management. 

All platforms have one thing in common. They will not let you miss anything important and inform you and the team by notifications or direct email message about any change in the project. 

Control and evaluate your work

It is not only about knowing that someone has change the setting of some project. The most important thing is to make statistics and outcomes about every project and work. Above mentioned Freelo will automatically provide summary on how to work is progressing. This can be done weakly, daily or even hourly and can be send to all who are involved in the job. Thanks to this system its extremely easy to find weak places inside the infrastructure and address the reasons of delay directly and immediately. To learn from mistakes is essential not only in small companies. Similar analytical features are in every good team management tool. 

The same importance as analysing is in final evaluation of the project. The job may be done, the project finished but it is especially important to put according price to work that has been done, to invoice the result and so on. If your workload requires such administrative tasks, try looking for a tool which will make this process easier and efficient. Mentioned system Monday will evaluate your work nicely but the final invoicing is more difficult in its structure. 

Companies, especially smaller ones must solve difficult challenges very often. Finding the right management tool might be challenge by itself. However, it is an investment which will pay for itself very soon.