Flexible hardware solutions from Dell EMC

Dell offers broad portfolio of solutions for modern workplace. Broad offering of notebooks is considered the best by vast majority of costumers and is an ideal choice for remote or on the move workers.

Due to almost unlimited possibilities notebooks from dell will match even the most demanding performance needs with the most powerful and good-looking notebooks. The emphasis on quality and performance is typical attribute of Dell´s products. The never-ending process of improvement ensures future proof and failure proof workflow accompanied by perfect guarantee offering in the rare case of hardware failure or some other damage to your device. Due to this possibility we can offer you not only the hardware but also service and accessories to create a perfect and effective workplace. 

Notebooks from dell excel in work environment but are also commonly used in other places like households and schools. In this article we are going to present you product lines which create dell notebook portfolio. 

Dell´s notebooks are divided into few lines according to their primal usage. Some of them are best suited for use at home (Inspiron, Alienware…), XPS is ideal balance between work and entertainment but the core of the portfolio are notebooks best suited for working (Latitude, Precision, Vostro, Rugged). 


Three lines of the best, reliable working notebooks, which perfectly represent strategy of Dell. They are the best work biased notebooks on the market for more than a decade. 

Line 3000 – Best suited for small or growing companies. Devices with enough performance for easy computing tasks like sending e-mails or writing in word for a great price. 

Line 5000 – The best security from anywhere where your work takes you. The chief points are performance and productivity. The key is easy connection between the notebook and any other external device ranging from projectors to monitors. Line 5000 also includes future possibilities of improvement of your notebooks which is unmatched to any other device on the market. 

Line 7000 – Incredibly light, powerful and productive notebooks offer unmatched speed, design and many other advantages that will make your everyday work more effective and enjoyable in office or on a trip. One of the key advantages is huge capacity of battery. 


Vostro represents one of the best notebooks available on the market. Their key advantages are great performance, mobility, security and unmatched connectivity to any external device. 

Precision Mobile Workstation 

The best in breed notebook solutions are divided into three lines according to their performance and certifications with the best work biased applications on the market. Precision notebooks are best suited for professionals who need extensively challenging applications and top-end accessories for their work (architects, graphics, engineers, programmers). 


The best notebooks for working in extreme conditions such as extreme humidity, dust, heat or cold. Extremely durable notebooks for the harshest working conditions with amazing performance and reliability.


Three lines of notebooks designed for relax and work. 

Line 3000 – notebooks with the performance matching their exceptionally good price. Affordable device for basic computing from home.

Line 5000 – offers good performance for acceptable price. The newest processors, touchable displays and many other advantages make everyday usage enjoyable and interesting. 

Line 7000 – the best what inspiron can offer. The key points of this line are mobility, performance and design of the device. The best displays, processors and other additions such as Dell cinema create the best user feeling for either work or relax at home. 


Small and elegant notebooks will surprise you by their strong and reliable performance with exceptional display quality. 

G series

Broad portfolio of gaming notebooks is a vital part of Dell´s computing solution. Especially G series excels with the great rating, performance and good price. 


The best workplace is the end goal of our company. We suggest purchasing not only hardware but also accessories such as monitors, docking stations, keyboards and mice from Dell. The accessories are designed alongside notebooks and together they create the best possible workplace for a very modest price. 


One of the best offerings from Dell is their guarantee. Every dell device comes with the basic guarantee but there are many possibilities which can empower your standard solution. For example, pro support plus includes not only the immediate exchange of the broken device but also includes non-intentional damage to the device such as spill or fall. 

The traditional workflow is going through fundamental change. The trend is to move employees from crowded small offices into their homes or to the work on the run. The key point is therefore security and mobility of your employees. Dell products are designed in such a way which meets and answers those requirements while trying to enhance and simplify your everyday tasks. 

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