Education in the time of global pandemic: equipment and technology for schools

Covid-19 has caused tremendous issues for the whole society. Everything is going through challenging test of endurance, awareness and adaptability to an unpredictable situation. Illness come as a shock and the solution of it is chaotic as well.

Everything bad has a bright side, and It is necessary to not only outlast the pandemic but also to take notes and make steps for better dealing with such a situation in the future so it does not influence our life’s so profoundly. 

This applies twice as much to the field of education. The pandemic had proven, how insufficient is the technological equipment of some schools but it cannot be only blamed on schools.  I am a teacher and the biggest difficulty I have encountered during online teaching was bad internet connection or absence of computers on the side of clients (students), and with that connected issues for example insufficient elementary knowledge in computing. It is therefore necessary to be open minded and patient while dealing with this complex issue which cannot be reduced to only blaming schools as some capacities and parents tend to do. School can have limitless technological options, but the problem can be bad internet connection in villages or small cities and the schools cannot do anything about that.

Lesson can be learned not only for the educational system itself but also for the internet providers which can be hopefully more motivated to cover small cities and villages with the better connection. Additional issues Is also limited access to computer or notebook – we can hardly expect from a single mother to provide their children with computers so they can take part in online education. 

The problem of adapting to online education is incredibly complex. Firstly, schools must be technologically advanced enough so they can offer option to connect. The most important aspects are sufficient internet connection, availability of technology for teachers and improvement of the IT education, creating of good teaching plans for online education and searching for ways in which is the presentation of information most interesting for the students. The content of education and way of presenting should in my opinion be in the jurisdiction of the teacher. But we must be aware that this change puts additional work and stress on the teacher – they must be adequately financially evaluated and equipped with reliable hardware and software. 

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The presentation of the content can be done very easily thanks to the existence of numerous communication platforms, which are available online and often for free. Classic examples are Skype, Discord, Microsoft Teams, educational systems such as Google for Education and Microsoft Education, which also offer some materials for successful education, but also smaller web sites focused on a single topic – for example Help for English. 

At the end I would like to emphasize that pandemic can also be understood as a catalysator of change. Better access to technology might be helpful even during normal educational process. Adding technology to education is simply inevitable, as the current and especially the future generations are being born with significant skill with technology usage and they can evolve it very easily, so they demand to have it essentially. If they are going to be led in it in a correct way it may make their education more interesting and enjoyable. The right technology can also make pedagogical work easier and more efficient. 

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