Dell offers many options for improvement or implementation of cloud infrastructure to company environment. Cloud is a strategical addition for companies’ IT structure.

Dell offers many options for improvement or implementation of cloud infrastructure to company environment. Cloud is a strategical addition for companies’ IT structure. Generally, cloud can be described as environment, which is created by servers requiring internet connection, which allows users to use remote access to data and application on the cloud. The most common examples of cloud environments are e-mail clouds or skype. The user borrows the power of cloud (servers). This is allowed by using specialized applications – office working application or operating systems in browsers such as eyeOS, Cloud, iCloud.

There are four types of clouds: 

Public cloud computing – The most common type. A service with similar function is offered to broad public. Skype or are using this type of cloud. 

Private cloud computing – This type is used by a single company. It can be controlled by the company itself or by services of another company. This is used for example for private e-mails or specialized applications. The size of cloud is practically unlimited. The biggest advantage is that your data are private. 

Hybrid cloud computing – combination of public and private clouds, behaving as one. 

Community cloud computing – the cloud is shared between multiple companies with the same point of interest. 

The goal of dell technology and our company is to help you to reach an ideal cloud solution, which will allow easier management of your IT structure and will help your employees in their everyday work without compromising the security of your data. 

The biggest advantage of cloud is faster movement of data, elimination of data lost, overall increase in application performance and better security.

Ideal hybrid cloud solution from Dell consists of combination between public and private cloud. This allows great performance, automatization and cost-efficient cloud solution with great scalability and security without unexpected expenses, which can happen, if only public louds are in use. Public clouds can sometimes work against each other and by that limit performance and security. 

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